Children and Youth

'Children and Youth Capabilities TG' is an interdisciplinary network including, among others, economists, social scientists, anthropologists, demographers, statisticians, philosophers and psychologists. It aims at developing a bottom up framework based on the capability approach to address theoretical and practical issues related to children's human development. We have organised numerous international meetings and workshops to stimulate debate on the capability approach and its theoretical and empirical applications in relation to children.  These spaces for critical dialogues have culminated in a range of publications and members may be interested in the new book, Hart, C.S., Biggeri, M. & Babic, B. (Eds) (2014) Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth: International Applications of the Capability Approach Inside and Outside of Schools (London, Bloomsbury). Other key publications for those interested in human development and children and young people include, Biggeri, M., Ballet, J. & Comim, F. (Eds) (2011) Children and the Capability Approach (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, UK) and Lessmann, O., Otto, H. & Zielger, H. (Eds) (2011) Closing the Capabilities Gap: Renegotiating Social Justice for the Young (Opladen, Barbara Budrich, Germany).  We welcome new and existing members to join us in continuing our exploration of children and young people's capabilities and the possibilities for further developing, collaborating and applying our work in this field.  If you have plans or ideas for events, projects or publications them please share details with the coordinators so we can publicise your contributions and hopefully stimulate networking among our membership.  We do have some overlapping interests with other HDCA thematic groups so please do check out their group pages too.


Caterina Arciprete
Caterina Arciprete is a researcher at the Research Center ARCO  - Action Research for CO-Development. She has a Ph.D. in Development Economics from the University of Florence and in 2014 she has been visiting student at Research Centre “Young Lives” based at the University of Oxford. In 2017, she was a consultant for UNICEF IRC. Her main interests have been children’s multidimensional poverty, gender issues and disability.

Raffaele Ciula
Raffaele Ciula is with the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in the department of Social Inclusion and Social Policy. He works on several themes and programmes, including poverty and  the conditional cash transfer program Supporto all' Inclusione Attiva (S.I.A.), which supports employment inclusion for Italian families and education and health for children.

Elizabeth Rivera Gomez
Elizabeth Rivera is a PhD candidate at Brandeis University. She is  a consultant at UNDP, Chile and teaches at the University of Chile. Her research interests include gender, multidimensional poverty, social indicators, social stratification, child rights and welfare economics. She led the National Observatory of Child Rights at the Chilean Government.

Robin Vos
Robin Vos is a PhD candidate at the University of Bordeaux, France. After working as an Education Assistant in a French High School for two years, he is now a Teaching Assistant at the University of Bordeaux. His PhD thesis attempts to evaluate the impact of formal education and well-being in schools on the aspirations of youngsters in France using the capability approach.